17 July 2017

Winter Blues.....and Reds and Yellows.....lots of colour!!!

Hi Peeps!

I hope you all had a great weekend/4th July/Bastille Day/ celebration!

It has been deep into the depths of winter here - blue skies, sunshine, not a lot of rain or wind but has it been a bit nippy in the morning!!!! Today (Sunday)  got up to 10 degrees and was a grey day mostly, although the sun did come out for part of it - however, the outside world was just a bit bitter so I mostly stayed in!

I hope you are enjoying the summer where you are or a better winter than us anyway! It is that time of year when small things seem to get a bit unsettled by the weather as well - and when this photo popped up in my FB feed earlier this week I knew I had to share it with you all. A baby pademelon - yes, that is correct - pademelon, a type of small kangaroo - and it came from Image: Tasmanian Walking Company (via IG)

This little bundle of cute is a Tasmanian pademelon: http://www.parks.tas.gov.au/?base=4863

Isn't that a bundle of cuteness! It is probably an orphan being hand-raised.

Now you have had the awe moment, take a deep breath and plunge into the inspiration from the DT and begin to plan your entry into the current challenge

#70: Every Day is Special 

TWIST lots of colour

We all know someone who could be cheered up with a note or a gift or a word of praise or thanks - and how easy it can be to achieve this for them with a little thought. We don't have to wait till a birthday or a special celebration to notice people. Living each day is special - lot's of people don't manage that! Some live but in a world without colour.  Let's brighten up their world. 

This is the prize:

The ruler indicates the size of the die

Mixed media Layout with rainbow colours

So there you have it

You can enter 

Just scroll to the Linky

Remember,no stamps please!

10 July 2017

June's Winners and some more inspiration........

Hello Peeps! Welcome to our challenge blog. Sometimes running a blog is a challenge in many ways and this last few weeks have proved to throw up one of those challenges!

Here is one - parrots eating berries from the cotoneaster tree and leaving the droppings all over the back stairs each day! They are being tramped into the house and leaving red marks on the tiles!

There are two of them at work today and the mess they make!!!
Lucky they are so cute, eh.

Another challenge - my husband is OBE (Over Bl.... Eighty) and for the last few months, has been getting cellulitis in his legs. Oh joy, oh bliss!! He is currently suffering an outbreak but is not hospitalized this time - oh, and he also has somehow contracted chicken pox!!

Life is so strange. I also have had a bit of a virus so my enthusiasm and energy has been less than optimum. Blog land is running a bit behind for me........

I have to announce the June winner for the challenge "To the Men in our Lives" (TWIST: add an animal or bird......

Random Number winner: No 5 Bev

 photo Dude Hang Ten Card.jpg

The DT Favorite is this month put to one side and will return next month!

This month, instead,  I will decide the Challenge Favorite!

N03: Wall hanging by Margaret'  Scrapcards

Congratulations to both crafters!

The current challenge at Unstampabelles is

#70: Every Day is Special 

TWIST lots of colour

We all know someone who could be cheered up with a note or a gift or a word of praise or thanks - and how easy it can be to achieve this for them with a little thought. We don't have to wait till a birthday or a special celebration to notice people. Living each day is special - lot's of people don't manage that! Some live but in a world without colour.  Let's brighten up their world. 

This is the prize:

The ruler indicated the size of the die

If you are still not interested, what about some inspiration from the team?

Smash book page....

Remember - no stamps please
You can enter HERE

03 July 2017

Challenge #70: Every Day is Special with a Twist of colour!

Hello Peeps! We make a lot of things for special occasions and don't often think of the every day but really - there are small things done every day that make a change in lives and need to also be acknowledged. Our neighbour provided a favour for our family during a recent period that made life so much easier for all of us at the time. For her it was not that big a deal but for us it was especially good - that was a biggie; but there are also small things that happen every day that make you realise that life is better as a result. A smile, a helping hand,a lovely sunrise or sunset,  a thing not said or a special comment made...each of these things can make every day special.

So, that is our challenge: recognise the special......

#70: Every Day is Special 

TWIST lots of colour

There is a prize - announced next week!

We have had some lovely sunsets lately - here is but one that gladdens the heart and makes one smile regardless of what the rest of the day has thrown at you.

Photo by Moi!

Now, for some DT inspiration
Remember - no stamps but you can create anything from paper!


A container for a thank you note and a ticket for the movies.....

Attach your work below!

26 June 2017

Last Week in June

Another week to go in the current challenge at this blog. Remember, NO STAMPS please and with so few entries, such a lot of chances to win the random draw prize, it is worth getting outside your comfort zone and making something that does not use a stamped image or sentiment or flourish.

#69: To the men in our lives..... 

TWIST add an animal or bird

The Prize will be .....
a mystery collection of new crafting bits 
As it is a mystery - there is no photograph of it!
There might be teasers during the month......

Talking of animals - here is a rare one!

An albino wallaby
Photo taken by me at Bruny Island last week - the white ones live on South Bruny 

Some extra inspiration for you:

See, it's not that hard. 

See you this week when you load your entry for the challenge!

19 June 2017

Cool Dad card........

Hi Peeps - half way through the month already! Time for some more inspiration. How about a photo taken on Bruny Island by me last week when four wheel driving and adventuring? So much fun!

Apparently it is a sink hole. The pines were planted after WW1 by returned soldiers - who knew there were pine plantations on this island???? We were on our way to somewhere else and just lucked into this little grove.

Did you mean inspiration about the current challenge? Oh......well, here you are then.

Penguins and chooks.

What are you going to make?

Only three entries so far and this is the random number prize......

#69: To the men in our lives..... 
TWIST add an animal or bird.....

You can enter 

(Scroll down to Link) 

12 June 2017

Winners Post for May and a new challenge.....

Winter is upon us and the day's draw in early but we have DARK MOFO to keep our spirits high!


Welcome to the Winner's post for May - we had so many lovely entries last month and I was glad the prize is a random number one as choosing one would have been too difficult!

Random Number Draw:
7: Juleen! 

 Congratulations Juleen

Our DT Favorite for May was

25: SweetPea

Such a different take on borders and edges!
Congratulations also to SweetPea!

Now, we have a new challenge running - what about entering this as well?

#69: To the men in our lives..... 
TWIST add an animal or bird.....

Mystery Prize.....an eclectic collection.....to date.....

To give you some more inspiration, the DT have gone above and beyond again
 - remember, you can make more than a card  (page, tag, gift, canvas....)


A money container to contain a gift for a younger man!

A technique I must try.....looks great and so CAS

All those little swirls of paper....too cute!

Is that enough inspiration for now?
Come back next week to see what we might have and get that thinking cap on and working
We want to see an entry from you and you know that the male cards in particular never go astray!
A good male scrap page is due.........

Remember, you can link up 

05 June 2017

June Challenge #69: To the Men in Our Lives........

Well, we are entering the month that heralds the half-way mark through 2017!
Pressure, pressure......

Here, in Hobart, we are approaching mid-winter fast. 
The nights are drawing in and it is nearly dark by 5.00 pm 
Thank goodness for Dark MoFo and other winter festivities to get us all out and about or we would be snuggling down in front of the TV and heater and not emerging until Spring!

A photo taken late in the afternoon last week by Greg Faull of our beautiful Cathedral Close in Hobart (Anglican)

June is also a new month and a new month means a new challenge.....
Whether they are our fathers, brothers, sons, partners, uncles, friends  or employers......our challenge this month is to make something crafty for them!

#69: To the men in our lives..... 

TWIST add an animal

The Prize will be .....
a mystery collection of new crafting bits 
As it is a mystery - there is no photograph of it!
There might be teasers during the month......

As usual the Design Team are providing you with some amazing inspiration! There are three cards today but I want to remind you that you do not have to make a card - it can be a card, a scrap page, a tag or a gift......anything you make in paper for a male without using stamps to create it!

We will look forward to seeing what you an create over the month!

Link up your creation at the Link below 

28 May 2017

No Challenge Yet!

Remember, next week is the first Monday and the day the challenge is announced! Have a happy crafting week!

 Taken by me this week at the Botanical Gardens - autumnal day!

22 May 2017

Final week for May challenge!

Recap: May challenge started on the 1st May and was

#68 Layering and Borders

TWIST use a border punch/die (or two)

There is a prize given to a random number.
I usually contact the prize winner to let them know BUT if I don't you need to contact me 
Give it about a week....... sometimes I get out of kilter with what I need to do......

If I don't hear back from you I will draw another random but I usually don't advertise this

This month the prize will be:

Couture Creations Dies
(New )

We have had three weeks already of the challenge, and I always conclude it on the Friday of the 4th week. This allows us to get ready for the next month without too much pressure. My team select a Design Team Favorite as well and this is announced along with the prize winner on the second week of the challenge. Again I usually let this person know and often ask them to be a Guest Designer. If you want to be a Guest Designer you just need to send me an email.

Each week we advertise the challenge we have some member(s) of the team who have made some more inspiration for you - this week Shylaa has made a gorgeous card using multi-media.

I made a card too - first time using that die!

Then we wait until the first Monday of the new month - in June it will be the 5th - to announce the new challenge. We sit back and wait for all the lovely new pieces of work to flow in for the challenge through the link! This month we got some beautiful things and so far not one has used a stamp! Winning! It is that simple folks. 

My team can make one or more items per month - it is up to them and what is happening in their life at the time. Some, like the gorgeous Wynn make several and some make one a month. I don't mind. If you are thinking that you would like to be a member of this team, please don't hesitate to send me an email and we can discuss it.

I usually try to bring a flavor of my place to you - some I know come from across the other side of the world. I use photographs that I or other's have taken of our beautiful place.  Here is the one for today:

by Joshua Vince
Another shot of the Fagus

Joshua says: I love this plant a lot and cant wait to get back some alpine areas next year to shoot more of this resilient little plant. 
 This shot was taken at Mount Field National Park this Autumn. The rich oranges really play with the vibrant greens up there and shooting there can be tricky as there are literally 1000000000000000 compositions to choose from . I think the twisted roots make a perfect foreground .

You can find his FB page here:

15 May 2017

Week Three - Happy Mother's Day Australia!

Yesterday was Mother's Day for Australia and various other countries. 

I went to the soccer and watched two Granddaughter's play
ans drank champers and had a picnic lunch with my step-daughter and family

It was cold but fine.

I hope all those other mother's out there celebrating had a great time too.

It is Week Three in our May Challenge
#68 Layering and Borders

TWIST use a border punch/die (or two)

Random Number Prize
Couture Creations Dies
(New )
There are quite a few stunning entries so far and with two weeks to go, I hope we get lots more. 

Here is some team inspiration to spur you on:

12 x 12 layout with old photo's of one of the Grandies.......

How's that?

Link up 

08 May 2017

Winner's Post in May

Hi Peeps! Hope you had a good week and an enjoyable crafting time somewhere in the mix. I didn't have a great deal of time to craft but I did a bit! Firstly, carrying on with my (Now) tradition of showing you beautiful shots of my lovely state, here is one from a small fishing village on the west coast of the island.

Tranquil waters! 
The author of this shot is not mentioned but if you follow the link above you will see in the gallery lots more beautiful photos.

Well, how many stunning entries did we get for April!
Beautiful work Peeps and some people are such clever crafters!

The random number draw is:

Random No: 14 Karen B

and the winner of the DT Favorite is:

Congratulations to both girls 

I have only one item to show you this week

You can find details on my blog HERE


You an scroll down to